Month 2 – Day 1:- 100k Instagram Challenge

Journey Started by IndianBill on Jul. 23rd 2017

Hey Guys, I apologize for not being able to update the journey for a long time since I took a mini vacation and then got entangled with some errands. But hey I have not quit this journey and am very much determined to complete it and acquire 100, 000 followers and make $10k in the proces.

As I posted in my last update, during this period I had stopped following users as all my accounts has reached the limit of 7500 followings. I was trying to go safe and not follow anymore.

So during this period, I am running campaigns to only like/comment on images of my target audience, but I found that follow back ratio is quite low with this method of just 1-2%. Just last week onwards, I decided to go aggressive and have unfollowed over 150k+ users from all my accounts, so far.

This week onwards, I changed my method from just follow/unfollow to posting images with popular hashtags in each niche am working on. I spent some time and manually searched 100+ popular hashtags for each niche, and used Google Image Scraper to search and download images from Google, and GramDominator to post these images every 3 hours on Instagram, also I created a campaign to follow 500-700 users a day.

I started this method with one account, and have got like 100+ follow backs very first day. Now I have added 4 more accounts to work with this method. Along with this am running unfollowing campaign from my rest of accounts as I still have over 200k followings from those accounts.

Current Followers: 57284
Current Followings: 195212

I have also started to hunt some good offers to promote for monetization. And expecting the revenues to get started by this weekend.