Day 7:- 100k Instagram Challenge

Journey Started by IndianBill on Jul. 23rd 2017

Here we are on the last day of first week for 100K Insta Challenge Journey, It was not a great day if results are concerned, as I have been getting a perpetual growth of 2000+ followers in last few days. And yesterday my stats looked like this:

Total Accounts:50

Total Followers: 19801

Total Followings:115733

Today, I found that GramDominator did not follow users for 3-4 hours, as it was not able to retrieve any more followers of the profile I have added. This made me follow less people today, and that could be one the reason behind less number of follow backs today. Also one of my account is asking for phone verification, but am unable to get the verification code, which has also lowered the number of my followers today.

This is How My Campaign Looks.

My like campaign was running fine, so I did not make any changes in that one today. Though today I made 1 more posts from couple of account groups for being active with my profiles. Overall the growth I got today was of just 1400+ followers, which is far less from expectation and yesterday’s results. One of the reason behind this could be the less number of follows from my end, i’m not sure yet if weekend can be the another cause.

Current Followers: 21237
Current Followings: 123497

So at the end of first week, I have been able to get continuous growth in my Instagram reach which is good, other than 1st and last day of this week, I have been able to get growth of around 2000 followers a day. Expecting an increase of 50% in growth rate this week.