Day 3:- 100k Instagram Challenge

Journey Started by IndianBill on Jul. 23rd 2017

Today (Day 3) was OKAY for the growth, as I have not yet started marketing and engagement at all. Yesterday we were at:

Total Accounts:50

Total Followers: 10760

Total Followings:47092

I let GramDominator continue running the follower campaigns which I had modified 2 days ago to follow 300-500 people a day. I have been expecting a follow back ratio of 10% and the growth rate of past 2 days is also close to my expectation, though I have not created any engagement campaigns so far.

Today I have been able to get 2484 followers from my activities, which is more than the results we got yesterday making my current stats on Day 3 to look like:

Current Followers: 13244
Current Followings: 73300

Now am going to create campaigns to Engage with users I’m following and posting on Instagram, and expecting this to increase my followers growth rate.