Day 23:- 100k Instagram Challenge

Journey Started by IndianBill on Jul. 23rd 2017

Hey Guys, This week I have not been able to update my daily progress for 100k Insta Followers Challenge as I was on a Mini Vacation to Hills in Kerala, here are some pics to motivate you –, but that’s where the AutoPilot role of GramDominator comes into play, where it perform the activities for me even when am not around. On day 17 I was at:

Total Accounts:50

Total Followers: : 44669

Total Followings:261537

For this week I had paused my follow campaigns, as many of accounts have been close to 7500 followings, and I am not looking to start unfollowing users just after hitting this limit. But during this period, I tried to keep engaging with my target audience by liking their posts, which kept my followers growing. I am liking 100-300 posts a day, and max 2-3 posts of one user.

So since my last update, I have been able to get a growth of around 10k followers, without spending a minute on my campaigns. I had scheduled a posting campaign for all my accounts during this period, which has been successfully done by GramDominator.

Current Followers: 53248 (+8579)
Current Followings: 302969

I will keep you posted about my further progress and results using GramDominator.