Day 17:- 100k Instagram Challenge

Journey Started by IndianBill on Jul. 23rd 2017

We have now moved into the third week for my 100k Insta Followers Challenge Journey. I started this week giving a pause to my accounts for few hours, and then increased the number of activities on my profile. On day 14 I was at:

Total Accounts:50

Total Followers: : 37189

Total Followings:219818

Now I have increased the activities from my accounts, yesterday I have shared posts from several accounts, also now I have restarted my like campaign with little boost by increasing the counts to 80-120 likes per day for each account group. Since yesterday I have also restarted my campaign to unfollow users with a speed of 40-60 unfollows a day.

Because of the rest I gave to my accounts on day 15 I only followed 5k users that day, and overall 35k Users in last 3 days. I have been able to get 1000 followers on day 15 without any activity, because of my previous campaigns I guess, but I have been able to get a nice growth of over 4600 followers in last 2 days. Which is good signal making me close to my goal of 3000 followers a day for this week.

Current Followers: 44669 (+7480)
Current Followings: 261537

Tomorrow am going to post from all of my accounts, and increase the like activity a bit by 20 more. Looking forward to success of this journey.