Day 12:- 100k Instagram Challenge

Journey Started by IndianBill on Jul. 23rd 2017

Apologies for not being able to share an update yesterday, as I had faced a trouble with this journey, when 9 of my accounts asked for Phone Verification, and Instagram was not sending the codes, the whole day figuring out the solution to get back my account. At the end, I have been able to get back 8 out of 9 accounts (Read below to know what I did to get them back), and I will still try to get my 9th account back. On Day 10, I was at:

Total Accounts:50

Total Followers: 28238

Total Followings:169658

As my accounts got locked, I have not been able to follow from 9 accounts for couple of days, and for the safety purpose, I updated my follow campaigns to follow only 200-300 people a day. I paused my like campaign in accounts of couple of niches, and have made posts from only 2 accounts group. I have also started campaign to unfollow 50-100 users a day.

Getting back to the method which worked for me to bypass Instagram’s Verification was below:
Step 1: Open Instagram account in browser which is asking for Re-PVA with its associated proxy.
Step 2: Open same Instagram account in newly installed Instagram app on mobile device without using proxy.
Step3: Re verify that account with phone number and it will get open in Instagram app. (For couple of accounts I got verification code in the associated email, so I got that verified using code provided by Instagram Team in my email).
Step4: Now open that same account again in your browser along with its associated proxy.
Step 5: When you got your account open in your browser then you can logout same account from Instagram app and re verify on GramDominator.

Today am at:

Current Followers:32328
Current Followings: 188506

So overall even though am not able to access one of my account which had over 600 followers, I have still received a decent growth of around 4000 followers in last 2 days. And now am going to make some changes in my campaigns for getting more followers fast.