This journey will educate you about

  • How to reach 100000 unique followers organically completely FREE
  • How to automate the entire process
  • Strategy used to grow Instagram followers
  • How to setup your own campaigns

Throughout the Journey we are going to show the live state of our accounts and campaigns, also we will update daily activities and stats in this thread.

We will be spending just 30-50 minutes a day for monitoring our campaigns and accounts, as the activities will run on complete autopilot.

The accounts were created a month ago with dedicated proxies and with low activities so far but gained average 15-20 followers per day.

Our Growth Plan

  • Post Quality Niche Targeted Photos: To build an impact over Instagram audience post trendy attractive photos according to niche and get likes/mentions on comment for gaining more new followers.
  • Follow people like a Human: Keeping the activities organic, follow 200-300 people a day at start and increase upto 700 with proper intervals and avoiding following like 50x,100x,150x,200x a day which looks like a robot.
  • Unfollow to maintain Instagram limits: Instagram have a limit of 7500 followings, and to maintain we keep unfollowing people who don't follow back after several days, once we are close to 7500.
  • Like photos daily: Socialize with audience by liking their posts daily, and making them aware of our presence.

What We Need

  • 50+ Farmed account: Initial step to farm the account is mentioned below.
  • GramDominator: To automate the activities
  • Windows VPS: Software needs to keep running in order to perform the activities, so its better to get a Windows VPS.
  • Patience: If you are following any top marketers, you might be aware, to get success in Internet Marketing, you need to have patience to enjoy the results.

Initial Step

One month ago we have created bunch of Instagram accounts to be used for this Journey. These accounts have been farmed by automating the activities at moderate speed mentioned below.

Week 1: Follows per day: 10-30, Posts: 2-3
Week 2: Follows per day: 30-50, Posts: 3-4
Week 3-4: Follows per day: 50-100. Posts: 3-4
Week 4 onwards: Follows per day: above 100, posts 5-6 a week.

Now a question would arise in your mind like “Just 10-30 follows a day?” , You might have seen other people doing 300-500 then why we used such a low count?
The only reason is because we wanted to perform like a human not like a robot. Do you remember the day when you first started using Instagram? How many people you followed that day? Have you crossed 5 posts in your first week?
No right. A normal guy won’t be active on Instagram everyday, he may take rest for at least couple of days. And when we first start using it, we have not even open it for several days. So we need to do activities like a human for aging our accounts. Otherwise Instagram may shadow ban your accounts.
So now we are all set to start our journey, we will keep posting our daily activity and results. Not only that, you will be able to watch our campaigns running live via Google Hangouts. Isn’t that Amazing.
So subscribe to this journey and learn the real efforts behind reaching 100000 Instagram users.

Journey Is Live…

Month 1
Total Accounts: 50
Total Followers: 53248
Total Followings: 302969